Booth Rent Bootcamp

When I first left school I was terrified. I was scared of cutting and coloring hair without someone to run a formula by. When I started in a salon I realized there was just SO much I didn't know.

Some people will want to start out slow and do an assistant program for a year; others like me want to dive in head first and face the fear, embrace the change and take off running.

This boot camp is for the others. If you don't know me I'm Nicole- a suite owner, blonding specialist and social media junkie. I have been featured in Modern Salon Magazine and Voyage Dallas Magazine. I worked as an educator for Morrocanoil and now I want to be YOUR educator and coach.


I am looking for an exclusive group of awesome budding stylists to be in my beta group! This would involve a free bootcamp for you and you would help create this program from the beginning stages. It's going to be epic; Please fill out the form below to be considered.

Build your business-

1. Brand and pricing- defining your ideal client, creating your mission statement,creating your pricing structure.

2. Create a landing page- Create a home base;everything you promote comes back here.

3. Photography tips & tricks- learn to create a consistent theme in your photography and only produce high quality images.

4. Finding clients- learn my number 1 trick to finding and building a solid clientele quickly!

5. Social Media- Facebook and Instagram crash course. building your pages; dos and don'ts on posting and creating killer content.

6. Business Badass- Inventory, reporting and taxes. 

7. Creating Loyalty- Create fans not clients. Learn how to create a long lasting relationship with your customers.

8. Perfect your color Skills- Toning, the color wheel, Balayage, Babylights and so much more.