Meet Ashleigh

Hi there! I am so excited you've found our salon.

I'm a big believer in complimenting at least 1 person a day. With hair I am able to help instantly boost someones confidence and mood; it's like giving someone a huge compliment.


I LOVE change and transformations in every aspect of life. Helping clients completely change their look is amazing and fun! My goal is to customize every persons hair color so it is unique and compliments their own style.

Outside of hair I love writing; doing hair helps bring both of my passions together with writing and beauty. I am building a story within the hair.

I am constantly seeking education and striving to learn more, I love to try new techniques from other stylists that inspire me. With this hunger for education I promise to always bring the newest and latest trends to our guests; we never know where the trends will be in the next 5 years.

Whether you're looking to relax or chat I know you'll enjoy your experience with me; I customize each service to your needs; quiet time is okay! I love to share what I know; looking to learn beach waves? Ask! I'll make sure you get a mini lesson during your appointment. 

I'm a great listener so tell me what your hair dreams are and let's make it happen! I'll be honest and let you know if we need to add a modern twist.

Follow my current portfolio on instagram here.