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Hand Tied Extensions

Hair Dreams Realized...

 Hand Tied Extensions are taking the beauty industry by storm. This technique uses no tape or glue and has minimal points of contact on your natural hair; resulting in less damage and a more natural look.

We were the first provider in DFW to train in the Habit Hand Tied extension technique; traveling to Habit Salon in Arizona to train 1 on 1. And now offer Unseen extensions (hidden beads) Want to learn more? Read our FAQS below:

What are hand tied extensions?

Hand tied extensions are thin wefts of hair tied together by 2 strings, this makes them very thin and lightweight. When applying these extensions we create a row across your head with small microbeads and string. We then sew the hand tied wefts onto this beaded row.

What is the difference between Habit Hand Tied and Unseen Extensions?

Both techniques utilize a beaded foundation; unseen extensions have a different weft placement resulting a truly seamless and invisible extension finish. Hair can be worn up immediately and beads remain hidden.

How long do they last?

The hair lasts for 5-6 months depending on proper at home care; we retail all products recommended in our salon.

As your hair grows the extensions grow out and move ups are required every 6-8 weeks.

I don't want long mermaid hair, is that okay?

These extensions are totally customizable to your needs; we can add them just for fullness or create huge transformations!

Do they hurt?

The first few nights they may be uncomfortable to sleep on; they feel tight like a headband and can cause light headaches. If they bother you we recommend taking an over the counter pain medication and not wearing your hair up in a ponytail for a few days.

You'll adjust quickly, if you don't please let the salon know so we can make any adjustments necessary to make them more comfortable.

Can you style them like normal hair?

Yes, we use quality human hair and it can be curled, styled etc like your own. One of the perks of extensions is they stay styled longer than normal hair and you can go days without needing a refresh.

How do I take care of them at home?

Hair extensions are more dry than normal hair so require moisturizing shampoo and conditioner as well as daily oiling on the extension hair to get the most wear out of them. We retail an extension specific shampoo, conditioner and leave in and it's what we most recommend for these extensions. Your stylist will detail aftercare with you during your appointment.

Does it damage your hair?

Just like color and heat styling your hair if not performed properly and cared for at home appropriately they can cause damage. We have been trained by Habit Salon to install these extensions with minimal impact on your natural hair.

How do you sleep in hair extensions?

We recommend brushing your hair right before bed and putting them in a loose braid to protect the hair from tangling and being pulled while you're sleeping.

Can I bring my own hair?

Because we don't know how the hair has been treated and are unsure of quality we do not install hair that was not purchased by us.

Can I go swimming with extensions?

Because extension hair is an investment we do not recommend getting your hair wet in a pool or ocean. We recommend putting your hair in a high ponytail or top knot and avoiding chlorine and salt water. (This includes hot tubs)

How expensive are these?

A consultation is recommended to determine your goals and how many rows of hair would be necessary. Our goal is to give you your dream hair while working within your beauty budget. To schedule a consult please call the salon at 682-704-5115. Here is a general guideline for these extensions.

Initial install includes the cost of hair, installation, a custom color on the extension hair and a cut to blend.


1 row- for fullness to current length

2 rows- for clients with medium length hair (adds length and fullness)

3 rows- total transformation adds length and fullness

Hair Cost.png

Choose your technique

Installation includes a haircut to blend and custom color of the extension hair
Habit $175 per row
Unseen $225 per row

Maintenance required every 6-8 weeks
Habit $125 per row
Unseen $175 per row

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