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Congratulations on your special day!

A wedding can be a very exciting and stressful time; my goal is to make your day as easy as possible, providing on location hair and makeup services so you don't have to travel back and forth and are able to relax in comfort while being pampered!


Below is a general price guide; to secure your wedding date a contract must be signed and returned with a non refundable deposit.  Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

Hair Services 
Styling/ Upstyle- $80 +
Princess Styling/ Upstyle ( under 10)- $50+
Flower Girl (under 5)- $20+

Makeup Services

Airbrush Makeup- $80+
Eyelash Application- $15
Tattoo Cover-Up- $100+


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Airbrush Makeup?
1.) The airbrush gun micronizes the foundation into such a small particle, that when it lands on the skin, it mimics the texture while perfecting it.
2.) When the HD airbrush makeup goes on it staggers onto the skin which allows the skin to breathe.
3.) You don't even feel it when it's on.
4.) It's very hygienic since there is no actual contact on the skin with a brush.

Is there a travel fee? 
 I have lot of planning and packing to do in order to be fully prepared for on-location weddings. There is a .55 cents per mile fee from zipcode 76262 (Roanoke, TX). This fee covers gas, wear and tear, and any tolls. If a second artist is needed for large wedding parties this fee is paid to both artists. Larger parties may require more than one hairstylist to ensure that everyone is ready by the requested departure date. Intricate hairstyles are time-consuming and I want to make sure you are all ready on time! 

How should I arrive for my trial/ wedding day? 
Arrive with clean, dry skin, wearing only your usual moisturizer. Please make sure you have removed all remnants of makeup from the day before and don’t wear any foundation, mascara, or concealers. Please also arrive with clean, dry hair. If your hair needs to be blown out straight for your updo, please arrive with it blown out.  Blowouts are not included with updos, so be prepared to do this yourself. DO NOT arrive with dirty hair and DO NOT put any products in your hair. It is a huge myth that dirty hair works best for updos! Having products left in the hair runs the risk of causing flakes the next day which look terrible when trying to achieve a beautiful updo. Please arrive with clean, dry hair! And don’t forget a button or zip up top!

When should I have other services done before my wedding day?
For color, highlights and trims, I recommend 2-3 weeks. This will ensure that your color is fresh for the big day, while leaving any time needed for emergencies or color changes. For waxing services I recommend 5-7 days, which lets your skin be fresh and smooth for the day of, while ensuring that any redness or swelling has time to go away. 

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